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Excavator / Tilt buckets
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Applications: H&H Tilt buckets are the attachment of choice for slope work, land clearing, ditching, grading, backfilling, waste handling and golf course maintenance.


Construction: H&H Tilt buckets are constructed from AR400 steel plate for superior strength and abrasion resistance. The heavy duty double acting cylinder rod ends are bushed for easy maintenance. High tensile pin brackets combined with chrome induction pins maximize wear life. All larger model tilt buckets feature a bolt on reversible cutting edge and an adjustable flow control valve.



Design: H&H Tilt buckets are designed to tilt 45 degrees each way and feature a 3 way taper to eliminate binding. These buckets were engineered to provide long life and simple, low cost maintenance.



Also known as: Tilt ditching bucket, Wrist a twist buckets, Twist-a-bucket, Side tilt bucket, Hydraulic tilting bucket, Angle tilt bucket, Tilt excavator bucket